Posted by: Lawrence Oei | September 19, 2009

Nikon D90 Lab Hit 705th Posts with 47 Followers!

A personal record that I gladly thank all viewers and fellow enthusiasts for helping me make it happen! Check it out [here].


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | November 8, 2009

Nikon D90 Lab and Nikon D300s Lab Is One Now

O yes!

Check my new site at

See you there!

Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 4, 2009

More Nikkor 70-300mm F/4-5.6G Images


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 4, 2009

Star Cruise’s Fate

I have been on both the Star Cruise and her recent competitors’ and I must say the handwriting’s on the wall. They are just on a lower tier of the cruise business, attracting small-time gamblers on board on a routine basis, serving limited average food on scheduled time of the day, mixed with stale air conditioning and run-down upholstery.

And with the two brand new casinos ready to roll early next year, I am not too sure how they will compete with operators offering much better benchmarks.


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 4, 2009

More Metals with the Nikon 70-300mm F/4-5.6G


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 4, 2009

Sunday Schooling Pre-school Kids

Both a challenge and a joy in a bowl of soup. The attention spend of these children typically last not more than 3 minutes each, and you would seriously need to exaggerate your tones and expression in order to last that long! They simply love those short stories but must be accompanied with many story boards and lego sets and playdol.


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 4, 2009

Thai Food is Still About Pineapple and Lemon

You can’t go very wrong with the above statement but the way its delivered can be totally different from one spot to another. Take this pineapple rice for example. Excellent appearance, mediocre taste and highly priced. Won’t be taking this again in Vivo City ever. Perhaps the cost cutting measure in this restaurant is achieved at the cost of Thai authenticity. Well, for some reason, WordPress choose not to put this image up vertically as per my original.


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 2, 2009

Another Birthday Assignment!

OK. Here’s another assignment for the Nikon D90 scheduled to assist another birthday boy make his day – 3 October 2009. But this time round, it will not be me taking the photos but my dad (I am in Macau/HK remember?)! O yes! I guess he has been heavily been influenced by me to take some interest in photography too!

Yes! Let’s see how this will turn out…should be fun.

Posted by: Lawrence Oei | October 2, 2009

Annual Check Up and Free Replacement Parts for Nikon D90

So, its fast coming to a year since the Nikon D90 is with me, and almost 15,000 shots have been taken with this camera. With many more shots coming her way, I thought it be a good idea to perform some basic replacement and routine check for the Nikon D90.

In the heat of the tropics, the rubber components on the Nikon D90 can be seen to take a beating in the high humidity, resulting in expansion, peeling off and even hardening! This, according to the Nikon Service center, is very “normal”, and in their excellent customer service, decided to replace all of them for free! This applies to the back rubber grip of the camera, interface rubber door and the GPS rubber door as well.

Now, the camera looks like new again!


Posted by: Lawrence Oei | September 26, 2009

About Active D-Lighting Settings in Nikon D90

Now, if you are one who simply left this at “Auto”, you are wise to heed the advice of Scott Kelby to bring it to “Normal” on the Nikon D90 or other camera like the Nikon D300s.

Now, the effect I am witnessing is quite pronounce and its definitely for the better that I write this for all.

Posted by: Lawrence Oei | September 26, 2009

New Discovery! Manual Mode with AF

Just when I thought manual shooting mode includes manual determination of shutter speed, aperture size and even focusing, I was so wrong! You can still activate auto focus in manual shooting mode! As long as the AF/M switch is not toggled, you still effectively has auto focus enabled!

This tell you how little I used manual shooting mode until today….almost a year after shooting with the Nikon D90! Can you believe it? Now, I can finally say I can shoot in the exact depth of field and amount of light reaching the sensor on each of my shot! This is also saving me one more step to update the minimal shutter speed whenever I switch lenses with different focal reach.

I feel like I have gained an upgrade today…wow!

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